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Carl Newman

Técnico de Micropigmentación Capilar (Reino Unido)

Carl Newman (Scalp Innovations) is a tricopigmentation specialist based in Swindon, in the South West of England.

Carl is Pigmentalia trained, which means he can offer a genuine tricopigmentation experience, as developed by innovator Milena Lardi of Italian firm Beauty Medical. He was trained under Debbie Clifford and assessed by Milena personally, and he has proven his talent during training and especially after he graduated by having build a great portfolio of happy clients.

At around the age of 20 Carl started to lose his hair, He went from various hair styles, to a buzz cut, and as the years passed to a bald head. Carl always felt like his image aged him and affected his confidence and can only wonder how life may have been had he discovered this treatment many years ago. He spent many years looking forward to winter to get out that hat and not feel like he stood out, many years with every baseball cap going spending money on hats like people do on hair styling.

Carl started Scalp Innovations to give back the confidence to people of all ages both male and female as having lived the experience he feels he can relate and since he has undergone the treatment himself.

Carl works in the following centres:

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