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Debbie Clifford

Técnico de Micropigmentación Capilar (Reino Unido)

Debbie Clifford is an expert micropigmentation artist based in West Yorkshire near Bradford and Leeds. Unlike many other practitioners, Debbie has made the application of micropigmentation her one and only speciality and only works with the finest equipment and pigments by Goldeneye.

Throughout her career Debbie has been trained by some of the best in the world. She has completed many courses and attended dozens of master classes. She herself is now an international trainer for Goldeneye Micropigmentation and a fully certified Beauty Medical / Pigmentalia technician. 

Debbie has a BA (Hons) Degree in Early Years Development & Learning with the Norland Diploma and always had an interest in art and beauty.

Debbie has attended an NLP master class with Paul McKenna which allows her to truly understand the client’s motivations and objections.

Many years ago she started her career in Micropigmentation by completing a Permanent Makeup Basic Training course in Liverpool. After 2 years she successfully completed an intense Paramedical Tattooing Course in the South of England. Debbie has been trained in many medical procedures such as areola reconstruction, scar camouflage, scalp pigmentation and micro needling.

She has attended many advanced Master classes such as an Advanced Eyebrows Master class,, Meso Therapy Master class in Berlin, Advanced Eyebrows Master class (Mary Ritchardson) and recently a unique Butterfly Eye shadow Master class (Tatyana Petraitis).

In 2013 Debbie travelled to Vancouver Canada for a 10 day instructor’s course which she completed successfully. Later that year Debbie had more intense instructors training in Latvia and Spain and is now a fully qualified international trainer for Goldeneye Micropigmentation.

In 2014 Debbie started her certification with Pigmentalia and Beauty Medical and has recently opened the first Pigmentalia Centre & Academy in the United Kingdom together with her partners Jasper Scholtes and Tina Walsh.

Debbie works in the following centres:

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