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Ioanna Petropoulou

Técnico de Micropigmentación Capilar (Noruega)

Ioanna Petropoulou is a tricopigmentation specialist based Lorenskog, near Oslo in Norway

Ioanna is Pigmentalia trained, so naturally she provides the genuine tricopigmentation experience, as developed by innovator Milena Lardi (Beauty Medical). She was trained under Debbie Clifford and assessed by Milena personally, and has since proven her talent with growing client base in Norway and Ireland.

Ioanna has been working in the hair transplantation industry for more than 10 years. She started working in a international clinic in Greece and since then she has worked all over the world with prestigious surgeons in England, Ireland, Rome,Paris and even in India. The last years Ioanna has specialised in Scandinavian type of hair in transplantation, in countries such as Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

The choice for tricopigmentation was a logical one. As many surgeons worldwide Ioanna saw that it is the best and safest non-surgical solution that can help people with alopecia. The ability to achieve natural results for those that are not suitable for a hair transplant. Being able to give them back their confidence and seeing them walk out with a big smile is Ioanna's greatest satisfaction.

Ioanna works in the following centres:

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