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Lewis Grady

Técnico de Micropigmentación Capilar (Reino Unido)

Lewis Grady (Scalp Solutions) is a tricopigmentation specialist based in Wigan, in the North West of England in the heart of Lancashire.

Lewis is Pigmentalia & Goldeneye trained, so naturally he provides the genuine tricopigmentation experience, as developed by innovator Milena Lardi of Italian firm Beauty Medical. He was trained under Debbie Clifford and assessed by Milena personally, and has since proven his talent with a number of great results delivered for his growing fan base of clients.

Before joining the tricopigmentation industry, Lewis worked in business at a senior level for around 15 years before his outlook on life changed. He decided that he wanted a career that was a little more rewarding and would enable him to make a real difference. His wife is a permanent makeup artist, and after seeing the difference her procedures have on her clients, Lewis wanted to get involved. He looked at what was on the market for men initially, and this path led him to train in scalp tricopigmentation.

After an exhaustive search to find training that he could trust, from a quality point of view, Lewis took the leap and now fulfils his ambition to help people enhance their appearance and restore their confidence.

Lew has created a workspace that provides a hygienic and clinical environment, but is also informal, comfortable and welcoming. He understands that some clients may be nervous, and is passionate about helping his clients feel at ease so that they fully enjoy the tricopigmentation experience.

Lewis works in the following centres:

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