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Louise Lawson

Técnico de Micropigmentación Capilar (Escocia)

Louise Lawson (Scalp.Ink) is a tricopigmentation specialist based in Dundee, in Scotland not far from Edinburgh.

Louise is Pigmentalia trained, which means she offers a genuine tricopigmentation experience, as developed by innovator Milena Lardi of Italian firm Beauty Medical. she was trained under Debbie Clifford and assessed by Milena personally, and Louise has proven her real talent during training and especially after completing her graduation where she now runs a very successful clinin in Dundee.

At Scalp.ink, Tricopigmentation specialist Louise offers the highest quality service, techniques, products & equipment along with a pricing structure tailored to each individual depending on the clients initial situation.

Louise is completely in love with her new career in scalp tricopigmentation, she feels it is such a rewarding job and her passion for it is booming every day!

Louise works in the following centres:

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