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Tom Clifford-Loynes

Técnico de Micropigmentación Capilar (Reino Unido)

An advanced technician in Scalp Micropigmentation, Tom (Scalp by TCL) is a resident Tricopigmentation Specialist Technician at the Pigmentalia Centre & Academy in Bingley, West Yorkshire.

It is here, with Debbie Clifford (Pigmentalia) and Milena Lardi (Beauty Medical) where Tom trained in Scalp Micropigmentation and then perfected his talent. Since qualifying, Tom has attended a number of Tricopigmentation seminars, has indulged in various research opportunities and completed his Advanced/Masters Level 3 Assessment, where he was awarded the highest score recorded for his knowledge, technique and finished treatment. Following on from that, Tom has built up an incredible reputation for quality and excellence.

Since joining the industry, Tricopigmentation (Scalp Micropigmentation) has been Tom’s sole focus, concentrating specifically on Scalp and the various treatments available within Tricopigmentation. With an abundance of incredible feedback and client satisfaction levels exceeding excellent.

Meticulous, a keen eye for detail, full of patience, a desire to constantly develop, and most importantly, an incredibly steady hand, Tom’s talent and enthusiasm is second to none. Tom has certainly earned the title of Specialist Technician.

Tom works in the following centres:

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